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this is a developer’s blog, and this is a notable experience for a developer.

the vst scene ain’t what it used to be.. in the early 2000’s i could release blaster, or some plugin produced in a couple of hours that availed some simple yet otherwise unavailable process and you’d be guaranteed a party within five minutes of posting.

one of the big learning steps for me was releasing radian – there were a dozen pages of eager praise for the sound demos, the moment i released it everyone went to sleep, except for a few well-respected users.

i wonder, how is that? radian does something nothing else comes close to doing, it isn’t a solution for modeling *all* objects, but it does some things very well.

we’re all aware of the reality of detractive subterfuge in the marketplace, perhaps this was additive subterfuge. “where are my users? don’t people use drum sounds in music any more?” radian, 2011.

i sent out a beta to three people five days ago. understandably, two were too busy, the other told me it makes no sound. i *know* it’s going to make sound on someone’s system, i have yet to receive any intimation that such a thing has occured.

so i posted a public beta over 24 hours ago. at this point, there are over 400 views of the topic and i have garnered two statements of intent for further investigation.


which isn’t the same as actual use and verification, let alone the OMG THIS THING IS LIKE NOTHING ELSE EVER that, let’s be honest, the software warrants.

so, you decide for yourself how today, 400 views result in zero feedback, and even a year ago, 400 views would have been two pages of discussion and dozens of pms and other verifications of use.


because i’m tired of telling you why that is, and why it is such a consideration in the vst marketplace, and, larger scopes of consideration.


Written by xoxosvst

May 16, 2013 at 6:28 pm

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  1. this actually gets way more fun. after 24 hours i figured, well, let’s send out a message to previous customers. yahoo shuts down my account so i can’t send anything out (eventually got around it).

    then, i come here to bitch about how apparently i am now entirely invisible, and, whereas this post appears in may archives, if you go to xoxosvst.wordpress.com it isn’t displaying. first time for that as well.

    first, first, first.

    am i so bad? is my vst creation unpardonable?


    May 16, 2013 at 6:31 pm

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