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the goodness of goodness

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given my general character within the marketplace one may anticipate this praise of those who enable. my background has bridged cultures allowing me some face with the requisite academics for dsp. i cannot profess the mathematical rigor my seniors in the field do.

it is good. it is what i say and what you know and what *they* try to hide. hehehe. without the mathematical rigor i apply procedures perhaps “not even worth bothering with”.

it is good recently also. harvested 4 open source zero delay filter algorithms which are augmenting the “stuff i did”, which is under wraps atm, beyond opening a cache of unused methods which i think are kinda neato.

if it wasn’t for the enablers, my stuff would be scantily accoutred, where a platform was found at all.

for all this talk, once i have a free moment i’ll wrap some of the filters as SEMs and document some more stuff. then it will actually be good then.

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April 30, 2013 at 1:00 am

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