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polyphony algorithm

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i’m posting this because i found very little reference on the logistics of writing a polyphony system (there’s one thread on kvr that’s worth reading). i thought i’d mention something about it.


writing a sorting algorithm can be aggravating. it’s such an elementary programming skill that one feels as if one should have it mastered even without any experience. of course, you can write programs for years without needing to use one, then when you do, you’re unfamiliar with the terminology. it can be challenging if you aren’t afforded peacable concentration and are pressured to produce.


my polyphony hint: don’t start writing code to handle noteon and noteoff. for conventional keyboard performance, the first thing to implement is a dynamic array of the currently held notes. activating and deactivating voices will reference this list (eg. to recall held notes at key release), so start with that (i’m still not sure what the correct term for this kind of data structure is.. stack, zipper, dynamic array..)


a bit obvious really 🙂


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October 1, 2011 at 6:47 am

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